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For this next project I will be using Logic. As seen in class today there are many synth and modification options. I will be using a lot of electronic noises but I also plan on using synthetic instruments too. For this project i hope to do something completely different from the last project. I’m very excited to create my first completely electronically synthesized piece! lets go.

Software Choice

I have decided to use Logic Pro X for my synthesizer project, and maybe a little bit of EA Primer. I feel like with the musique concrète project, I’d only discovered the tip of the iceberg in Logic, or maybe like a tiny penguin sitting on the tip of the iceberg (a really small amount). In class today, I was pretty overwhelmed by the countless options of sounds AND ways to manipulate those sounds AND effects that could be added to those manipulated sounds, all within Logic. I think this project will prove to be a long excavation for the right synth tools and their resulting sounds. It will be quite a learning process.

Cole Masaitis – Software Choice


For my second project I have decided to Logic Pro X as my DAW software choice. Having been recently exposed to Logic in general, I’m excited to wander around the program more extensively to arrange my next piece! I’m going to try my best to go overboard with the FM synth, and see how far I can push it, so my apologies in advance!

Good luck everybody!!

Software choice

Sorry this is late, I am going to be using Logic for my synthesizer project, mainly because although Live has a lot of cool effects that I know could make a neat synth, Logic’s snyth setups make a lot more sense to me because usually their layout is closer to that of an analog synth.

Software Choice

So, I definitely thought I posted this on Friday, but I was mistaken… I will be using Logic for the next project because it is the only program I have any experience with. It would take me forever to muddle through the ins and outs of a new one at the present time; that experience is one that I do not wish to repeat so quickly.



I’ll be using Logic Pro X because it’s what I’m familiar with. I figured out a lot of the tools in Logic randomly while I was working on my Musique Concrete Project. Now that I know where a lot of the tools are I feel that I can jump more quickly into my composition, than waiting on figuring out the technology.