Software Blog – Duncan

This semester I have been using FL Studio 11 for my projects. I switched back from the 12th edition because they changed a lot in the piano roll and mixer interfaces(in a bad way). I like using this DAW for many reasons: I really like the mixer, piano roll, and playlist interfaces, I like coloring all of the little snippets differently, I like how the snap function on the playlist and piano roll works, I use a LOT of automation clips, I can use plugins that aren’t DAW-specific, etc etc. I wanted to switch to Logic but I don’t own a Mac and I have a hard time composing when I can’t do things quickly/find what I’m looking for. (And my hero BT uses/used FL Studio.)

Software Blog | James

I’ll definitely be using Logic Pro. While I’m barely able to give the impression that I could potentially be minutely competent with it, I definitely know it better than any of the other software options we have at our disposal (all of which I’ve never used, and most of which I’ve never heard of).

I have already begun tinkering with the ES1 synth. I feel like a dog operating a roller coaster control panel, but I’m liking the output.

Rachael’s Software Blog and Barn Dance Review

Ayeeeeee. Two for the price of one!

So this year was my first year helping out and participating with the barn dance. It was pretty fun to meet composers from around the States. In my opinion, my favorite performances were “Infamy…” and “See The Past Through The Prism Of Tomorrow.” . “Ring, Axel, Gear” was really trippy. I enjoyed “Fyra” but I thought that it was to long for me to keep my focus. I thought that with a lot of other performances.


I have decided to use Logic for my project just because I am more comfortable with Logic. Also because Alchemy is an amazing creature. I might do some doodling in Live but I’ll probably end up incorporating it into Logic.

Software choice

Whoops, I’m a little late with this one.

I’m going with Logic Pro X as the choice of software for my second project. While I’m already familiar with GarageBand, Logic is clearly the superior program and has a lot more options to augment and manipulate sounds (the array of amps and synthesizers is also far superior). I’m not fundamentally opposed to Ableton, in fact I’ve actually heard good things about it, but I won’t bother learning the basics of a completely new program when my familiarity with Logic Pro X is already improving. I hope to use a good variety of synth pads and use automation to achieve a cool sound. I will also use the drum machine to make this project dynamic!