Buzz – Abby Moran

Here is draft 2! sorry its so late. I switched up quite a bit from the last draft. I replaced the drum beat and took out the white noise entirely. I also added in more concrete and added new filters. I still want to add an experimental section with just the isolated buzzing noise, but that will come in the next draft. Enjoy!

27 Sounds for Alex – Draft 2

Hello! I had some problem with UMW blogs (what a surprise) so I couldn’t post this Tuesday and so it’s super late. But anyway, I added a couple more sounds and worked on panning and volumes and such. I sampled several of Homer Simpson’s “D’oh’s!” and messed with more tape delay. There’s a lot of tape delay. I like tape delay. I also included a snippet of Craig Laughlin narrating a Caps game. Enjoy!

Final Project Draft II – Cole Masaitis

Hey guys!!

The blog was down of Tuesday before I left so I didn’t get a chance to upload this! Here’s my second draft, with a few tweaks mostly on the effects of different parts! I’m kind of wandering my way through this one, but I’m planning extending it soon!

Hope you like it, sounds pretty different already!!

Psychotropic Draft 2

Here’s my second draft.  I added some more stuff.  There’s arpeggiated instrument I created from some of the vocals and made it sound just like a synth.  And then I took one of the voices, time and pitch machined him and now he sounds just like a tiger.  I also added some cute bells for continuity during the slow build in the second half.  Also there’s a rumbly bass thing that you can’t really hear without headphones, so that might have been why it sounded a bit empty in the first draft.


Austin Dunham – Final Draft 2

Here’s my draft 2, sorry it’s a little late.  But I’ve decided to throw that subby bass out completely.  I want this piece to focus more on the high end and experiment with how I can make clouds of sounds with reverb and delay.  There isn’t really in any structure yet, it’s more or less showcasing how my different parts sound together currently.  Will have more in my 3rd draft, hopefully with some concrete recordings.