Final Project Draft 1

Sorry this is so late; I am garbage. I downloaded the Crystal soft synth plug-in and made a synth, which is the higher part in the beginning. I have other preset synths and an audio recording with tape delay. Whenever I write something I try to make it melodic and pretty, but I tried to stray away from that with this project. More to come.

Project III Draft I | James Murphy

A friend of mine told me about a form of art called “databending”, where you take a piece of digital data (like a photo) and reinterpret its bytes as something else (like audio). In parts of this piece, I’ve loaded a picture (as well as a .exe and a .pdf) into Audacity and used the resultant sound to create beeps and hums.

I’m also using some old musical experiments which I made in Audacity with a tone generator, and some guitar work. There are even a few pieces of my soundwalk present.

I expect I’ll be throwing some of these features away and changing plenty more, but I wanted all my ideas in one file to start with.

Elias Ingea – Final Proj – 1

So I am going to be uploading my first and second drafts at the same time. Forgot to upload this last week. So I figure I will just do both. This first draft is very simple set of sounds that I used in the first project, I just wanted to see if I could use the same sounds and make something that is very different and still sound great. I also used a lot of synths which I think makes the song better than the very first song I made. Hope you enjoy.