Somewhere Over There

For my final project, I only added the slightest little guy in the pure pressure synth to transition into the bass part of the first half of the piece.  He fades in and then he’s gone.  I didn’t want him to overpower the undulating analog strings at all since that’s such a cool sound.  So he’s there, but hardly.  So yeah, this is it.   Nothing else has changed about it.  I started off not feeling too bad about it, so I apologize if the growth of this piece hasn’t been too exciting.

Robot Carnival

Beep boop, welcome to Robot Carnival!  Where everyone comes to have fun, and nobody leaves.  Boop bop.  So, come on in, human! Ride the rides, see the shows, and have a good time, but, boo boo beep,  whatever you do, don’t even think about leaving.    We want your fun here, bleep bop, to last… forever!


So originally I thought “hey, synths?  dance time”, but after the general consensus of my comments saying that I should do something weird, I tried my best.  And yea it got weird….  It’s supposed to sound chaotic and make people mildly uncomfortable, like the robot carnival is not some place you want to be.  I think it does that.  I’m not totally satisfied with this yet and am going to edit some more before the concert tonight. My screenshots are both of the entire project, one with automation clips, one without.


 Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.31.37 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.32.36 AM