Synth Draft III | James

I’ve included some more panning effects and additional tracks to fill the sonic space. I made minor use of chorus and reverb effects, and I doubled a track to play on two different instruments to make the outro sound more full without masking or interfering with the melody part. There is now a slight gap between the end of the vocoder synth solo and the outro since overlapping it stopped sounding good after I listened to the song three or four times.

During the middle section, there are five tracks, two panned left, two panned right, and one center. Four of them finish and one of the panned tracks moves to the center of the sound space.

Space Pirates Draft 3

So I was very happy with the reactions from my last draft, so this is mostly the same with some tweaks in automation and spacing (a tad more at the very end). The biggest change is that I included a little alien conversation in the middle section so that there would actually be some of the space aspects and pirate/sea aspects combined (because they were nearly exclusive of each other before, and my goal is to amalgamate those two ideas). Enjoy.