Synth Draft II | James

Per Levi’s suggestion, I softened the ‘not a guitar’ synth. I added a middle section which isn’t rhythmically aligned to anything but has some narrative properties, I think. I experimented a bit with the vocoder synth and I’m rather satisfied with the result. Here’s the track in its current state:


Project 2 Draft 2

Okay guys, after using my first draft as a base, this is what my second draft came to. This one is much more “house”-ish and I love the feel of it. I think that on the third draft I am going to vary back and forth between melodies, and add a new “drum” pattern into the second half of the second section. Yes I did use all synths, no drum samples. Sorry that its a full 5 minutes.


Space Pirates Draft 2

So in this draft I added a fleet of space pirate ships following the mothership (first 35 seconds), some more pink noise to try to emulate ocean sound, and some sine waves, whose envelopes I played with a whoooole bunch (the bell-sounding ones as well as the frantic percussive ones). Also a little feedback delay is in there. Hope you enjoy!