Space Pirates Draft 1

At first I was pretty overwhelmed with all of the potential sounds I could use for this, so I ended up just playing with a lot but not creating much this week. I want this to sound spacey AND pirate-y. Maybe it will turn into a narrative kind of thing through different sections of synths. As of now, I just have a little space-ship sounding intro. I need to come up with a better transition to the talking sine section. I used a resonance filter on pink noise and a whole bunch of stuff for the following sound, with some panning.


Cole Masaitis – Project II Draft I

Hey guys!! So after scrapping two other pieces that sounded nothing like this one, I finally made something I like! It’s only the beginnings of the piece, but I made a few synths that I really liked/ thought were very weird (in a good way), and you can hear them altogether in this little draft.

It’s not much, but I hope you like it!! Have a great fall break!

Project 2 Draft 1

Hi guys,

Here’s my second project, draft 1. It’s very rough around the edges and I don’t even know if I’ll keep what I’ve made so far… I need to smooth out the rhythm and transitions a lot. However, I kind of like the synth lead idea– I did use musical typing so it just isn’t perfectly synced. That’s something I can work on though. Anyways, I hope you like what I have so far.

Project 2 draft 1 – Abby Moran

Here is my first draft, I’m planning on doing a ton more to this. I actually had some difficulty with this, I seem to be more apt to manipulating pre-existing sound files. I tried to make this different from my last piece, but I’m not sure where I’m headed yet. I used some B3 and sculpture and percussive sounds, but this is just the foundation at this point. Anyway, enjoy!

Austin Dunham Project 2 Draft 1


This is all I have so far.  I’ve spent a TON of time just learning my way around Logic.  I’m so used to FL Studio that everything seems to be backwards….But I managed to scrape 8 bars together!  Not sure what I really think of it yet since I have so little, so I’m curious to hear if anybody has anything to say.