Rachael’s Soundwalk

Hellooo. All of my sounds are unprocessed.

Opening and closing my mirror, letting it drag on the table. Extra Mya at the end.

Brushing my teeth.

Moving around in the chairs in the MIDI room. Some squeak every time you lean back.

Sometime at night, the sound of cicadas and crickets.

I really like the sound of people walking around in boots. So I recorded me walking around in my boots.

Joe’s Soundwalk

All of my sounds are unprocessed.

stairway with people passing by

Percussive sounds on Guitar


Random voicemail I received that i think i can add some cool effects to. (Also really funny)

Mya’s Soundwalk


A crosswalk beep. (unprocessed)

My friend Thomas and common noises he makes. (unprocessed)

A random guy saying, “That’s pretty slick.” (unprocessed)

The wonderful sounds of construction in front of the University Center. (unprocessed)

Very loud cicadas. (unprocessed)

Justin’s Sound Walk

These are the raw sounds I collected around the house.

Trash can (unprocessed)

Spray can (unprocessed)

Heater (unprocessed)

Dryer Click (unprocessed)


Here are the sounds processed. For the bass drum I cut off the attack of the bass drum sound much like Ussachevsky did to the gong in A Piece for Tape Music. The dryer click sound has been cut and looped. The sound of me tapping the heater was reversed. The spray can was slowed down using the classic setting which also lowered the pitch. The trash can sound was sped up and looped. I used only the very basic techniques we talked about with tape music, reverse, slow, fast, and looping. I’m excited to expand these sounds by using more effects soon.

Bass Drum (processed)

Dryer Click (processed)

Heater (processed)

Spray Can (processed)

Trash Can (processed




Tess’s Sound Walk

For my sound walk I went around campus and recorded cicadas, birds and the water fountain outside of Jepson Hall as well as personally made vocal sounds.

I took these sounds and edited them in Logic using cutting techniques and added about 5-6 separate tracks.

For example, in editing the water sounds I used effects such as the compressor, enveloper, bit crusher, ring shifter, ocean ping warp, the Garage Band double filter, floating by moving space, and quick return moving space.

In editing the vocal sounds I used the Atonal Machine effect, the fragmented shift effect, the wet splinters effect, the slap back grains effect, and the inside kick effect.

With the bird sounds I used the fragmented shift again, the shapeless fragments and enverb.

And finally, with the cicada sounds I used the EQ channeler, Bass Amp, phase distortion, platinum verb, and the atonal machine.

Edited Water Fountain Sounds

Edited Vocal Sounds

Edited Bird/ Outside Sounds

Edited Cicada Sounds