Duncan Beavers – Techno Concrète

I added a lot of stuff, around 9 more automation clips. I like the list idea so I’ll do the same >: )

  1. 3 tracks of panning automation
  2. added reverb to the main sample pattern
  3. 4 different delay tracks on the mixer, each with an automation clip
  4. muted sounds throughout to add complexity
  5. volume automation from the track beginning
  6. filter cutoff automation

Project 1 Final Draft

Not too many changes from my second draft, other than some mastering effects and compression. Also went with a stereo spreader to create more depth in my piece. I tried to create the feel that some of the sounds are coming from different environments then the others, using different reverbs. Enjoy!


Automation Plug-ins Tracks


Here’s my first project. I used sounds collected mostly from household items. The sounds used were; a washing machine, a small bowl, the hot water heater, a spray can, trash can, a cutting board, a tape measure, and a bass drum. Lot’s of editing was done to the piece, as well as reverse and time change. I used convolution reverb, eq, distortion, and compression on the individual tracks. Quite a bit of pan and volume automation took place as well.