Project 1 – Draft 2 – Jordan V.

Alrighty so this is my 2nd draft. It’s not way too different than my first draft, however I did try out the effects of splitting a sound to come out of left or right speakers to give it a bit more of a spooky atmosphere considering that it is now Halloween time and it is important to be spooky. I hope you guys enjoy <3

Elias Ingea – Draft #2

I didn’t change much from the first draft except I added some new effects to one of my drum sounds. You might notice it sounds a lot more sci-fi like.

I added a few echo and distortion to some of the sounds making them pop out more. I also played a lot with the spacing of every track. I wanted it to sound like its coming from all directions at once in a tripy, kind of annoying but cool fashion.

Hope you enjoy…

Project 1 Draft 2

Okay, so I’ve finally put this up. I’m not sure if it’s visible to everyone because it’s in draft form, so let me know if you see this post. Also, I’ve completely redone my piece. I’ve used more distortion, time shifts, phasers, delays, and pitch shifters than ever before! I still have all of the original sounds in this version as well.

Project 1 Draft 2

For my second draft, I repositioned a few of the tracks to try and build more song structure. I also took Justiculo’s advice and really added some effects on to that annoying fart sound so that now it sounds more like a synth loop almost. Its cool how different it sounds with just a few changes!