First Draft | James Murphy

I tinkered with some effects in logic and moved tracks around. I don’t know if the eventual final draft of this piece is going to have a similar structure at all, but it’s definitely going to retain the combination of cicadas and phaser. I also used some tape delay. Working with my current set of sounds has brought me to the realization that it’s mostly percussion or ambience, and that I’d like to work some more tones in.

Of course, I would have added the guitar-y bits from my soundwalk had I remembered to put them on my flash drive. Anyway, here it is:

Project 1 (First Draft) – J.Vernon

While my piece is far from being done, what is shown here is the general idea of my first project. When gathering sounds from the soundwalk and putting them in Logic, I found that if I cut certain pieces of my sounds and looped them together that it created an almost organic heartbeat sounds. Using this, I am basing my idea of someone who is in a coma, hearing their heartbeat and the world around them, but yet not being able to interact. Through the piece, it has a feel of sitting and waiting, wanting to interact with the environment, but somehow has a barrier that does not allow the user to do so. I hope after some feedback (and a few more sounds I am thinking of picking up) that I can make this piece be as deep and complex as I think it should be.

Elias Ingea – Draft 1

The goal for this was to add a lot of tape delay especially on initial crackle noise that I had collected. I went ahead and added a new source for a drum beat which consisted of a lot of snare and base. I put a lot of tape delay which makes it almost unrecognizable, however it does leave a nice base for the beat. I also added a lot of tempo shift in different areas of the song. I added some noises that are played backwards with delay included which created the cool effect towards the middle of the song. I did add some phaser just for a cool effect, makes things very wonky and different.

Rachael’s Project #1 – First Draft

Hey friends, sorry this is posted late. I’m trying out a “deep ocean”/”deep in the jungle” kind of feel. I havn’t used all of my sounds yet.  I’m mainly just adding reverb or trying to inverse the sounds. Everything is really muffled so I need to add more color to is. I learned that there isn’t much of a different if you try to inverse something with out a pitch. Also, I really like over lapping the same sound over and over again, giving that stuttering sound.

“My Mary Wash” Draft One, Project One.

Hey guys this is the first draft of my project. I titled it “My Mary Wash” because these sounds were captured on campus and reflect how I normally go about my days here.

In this I used some of the same effects I used on my first sounds from the sound walk such as the wet splinter effect on the cicadas, the wandering around effect on the guitar and the filter can effect.

Sounds include my friends talking (Archer’s voice in the background), Mike on the guitar and his friend on the beat and the sounds of cicadas and cars on college ave.