Duncan Beavers РTechno Concr̬te

I added a lot of stuff, around 9 more automation clips. I like the list idea so I’ll do the same >: )

  1. 3 tracks of panning automation
  2. added reverb to the main sample pattern
  3. 4 different delay tracks on the mixer, each with an automation clip
  4. muted sounds throughout to add complexity
  5. volume automation from the track beginning
  6. filter cutoff automation

Elias Ingea – Final 1

Alright so you will notice several changes to this.

  1. I made it shorter.
  2. I raised the volumes on some of the various parts of the song.
  3. Big change was I recorded some new sounds. You will notice there is an irregular heart beat and machine sensors going off towards the end of the song.
  4. On top of the heartbeat I added a scene from Pulp Fiction (My all time favorite movie). The scene is made faster and the voices can be heard altered. Kind of fun to make SLJ’s voice sound like a chipmunk.
  5. You can hear I made the timing of the gunshots exact to the flatline from the monitor.
  6. I added one final sound and it was part of Revolution 9 that I played backwards to sound extra creepy. I replayed the flatline just to make the ending a little cooler.

Hope you guys enjoy these changes.

Project 1 – Draft 2 – Jordan V.

Alrighty so this is my 2nd draft. It’s not way too different than my first draft, however I did try out the effects of splitting a sound to come out of left or right speakers to give it a bit more of a spooky atmosphere considering that it is now Halloween time and it is important to be spooky. I hope you guys enjoy <3