Barndance Remarks

I had a pleasant time at the barndance. I didn’t realize my piece was going to go first until I picked up a program, but I think it’s cool that I got to set the tone (and also not have to live up to expectations set by any preceding pieces). I received little feedback of any kind on my work, possibly because I scared off anyone with a pocket full of business cards with my bio stating I’m a computer science major.

I enjoyed Michael James Olson’s “Along the North Shore” immensely, both for its sonic properties and its title — it and my piece (“To a Distant Star”) each had titles of the form “{Preposition} {article} {Adjective} {Noun}”.

Moreso than performing my work, I appreciated the opportunity to work the venue at its mechanical level. Setting up Pollard’s concert hall and taking down the Digital Auditorium’s equipment was a more social experience than I’d anticipated.

Festival Blog

I had a really great time at the EABD. Being part of a team (though only for one night) that helped make it possible for composers to share their work, was truly touching. There’s something wonderful about having the chance to share a little bit of responsibility for the setup of such an event. I very much enjoyed playing my synthesizer piece for a large audience, and some people told me they liked it so it was a big confidence boost. I thought that many of the composers I heard Saturday night were incredible and it was humbling to be in their presence. The afterparty was a lot of fun as well and the artists who performed there blew me away.

Thank you so much, Dr. Snyder.

Festival Blog

The Electroacoustic Barn Dance was a completely new experience for me and performing my musique concrete piece was an interesting opportunity. I am satisfied with my piece and how i think it was received, however I feel as though I should have picked a different concert to go to because the other performances didn’t seem as…complex or intriguing as I would have enjoyed. Otherwise, I believe it went alright.

Festival Blog

I thought EADB was fantastic, it was a very eye opening experience and I met and reestablished relationships with a lot of composers. From feedback from other composers on my concert, they really liked my synth piece! I agree with Mark that I should have used my Musique Concrete piece instead as it’s a stronger piece but I wanted the chance to have a different piece played at EADB. I experienced a lot of works over the weekend and composers/performers like Dave Watkins, Eric Honour, Mark Philips, Mark Zanter and many others were phenomenal to see again and be able to listen to having heard their pieces before and being able to appreciate them more.

Gabe Festival Blog

I got the impression that my piece was received  in a good way. Some people afterwards told me they liked it. What I would have done differently however, is I would have muted the jouhikko on the mix and instead performed it live along with the mix, and added effects to it. I was really amazed by some of the other works done throughout the EABG. I liked most of the dual live performance and mix performances.

Thanks so much Mark for letting me perform in the EABG!!

Barn Dance Review.

Well this is super late, but I really enjoyed the EABD. It really opened my eyes to the world of modern classical music. Before this class, I had no idea that people composed electric-acoustic music the way that some of those performers do. It really makes you wonder what Mozart or Bach’s music would sound like if they were born in this time period.

Rachael’s Software Blog and Barn Dance Review

Ayeeeeee. Two for the price of one!

So this year was my first year helping out and participating with the barn dance. It was pretty fun to meet composers from around the States. In my opinion, my favorite performances were “Infamy…” and “See The Past Through The Prism Of Tomorrow.” . “Ring, Axel, Gear” was really trippy. I enjoyed “Fyra” but I thought that it was to long for me to keep my focus. I thought that with a lot of other performances.


I have decided to use Logic for my project just because I am more comfortable with Logic. Also because Alchemy is an amazing creature. I might do some doodling in Live but I’ll probably end up incorporating it into Logic.

Festival Blog

I really enjoyed having my piece performed at the Electro Acoustic Barn Dance. I thought it was kind of cool to have my piece performed along side other composers who are at the top of their field and who have a lot more experience in electronic music than I do. I believe it’s a great honor to be able to say that performed alongside some of the best in the field.