Mya’s Final 3rd draft

Okay, so here’s the final draft. I added the heartbeat sounding drum beat for some finishing touches. I also added another audio track so that I could layer the slices I made. In addition to that, I brought the volume up significantly from what is was previously, I played around with the bus for the bass synth and the drum synth. I did some more work with the automation tools. Hopefully this is all I have left to do with this project. Enjoy!

Mya’s Final First Draft

Here’s my first draft for project 3. I dabbled in audio slicing. I kept my electronnic-y, video game-y feel with the synthesizers. I also used some pan automation, pan automation, and reverb automation. For the audio bit, I took a song I sung for a different song and added some reverb, input gain, pitch shift, and compressor effects.

Project 2 Draft 2

I cleaned up the previous draft and changed one of the synth sounds so it would blend with the other sounds. I also used some automation to bring out certain parts. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same track. I’m still working on how to make that annoying synth sound towards the end blend in with the other parts, but it is getting there.

Project 2 Draft 1

Here is draft 1 of project number 2. Wasn’t really what I wanted, but it is only the first draft. I used classic electric piano as the main instrumentation, but altered the synth sounds with Alchemy and Retro Synth. I wish i could have used more of the E-A PrimerMusic synth sounds, but it wouldn’t let me. Enjoy!