Michaela’s final draft

I used a combination of different synths for my piece. I wanted to capture the nerves I get when I perform. I used an organ sound throughout with some deep bass heart beat sounds. I also used some high pitch beeps to mimmic a heart monitor to sound as if my heart is going to give out from anxiety. My favorite thing about this is I found the fade tool in logic. Finally. Hope you enjoy it.

Software Blog

As of right now for my project I am going to use Logic. I am most comfortable with it but I am open to changing my mind if we learn about the other program and I find it interesting. I just understand how to get to things on Logic and think it would be most practical for this project.

Did Ya Get All That?

Here is my final piece. I made this using three sounds. The recurring theme was recorded while on a trip down 95. It was laughter and the recurring question, “Did ya get all that?” The other sounds I used were from the fountain in front of Monroe and stomping around inside Trinkle. I wanted to capture good times I have with my best friend.

Soundwalk 9/10/16

So for my sound walk I chose to get the sounds of transportation. The first sound was of a man riding a bike down Campus Walk on Saturday evening. For my second sound I had my lovely assistant drive me down 95 so I could get the sound of the road and traffic. My third sound was of us laughing in the car at a joke he made. I wanted to try to capture the feeling of a good car ride.