Project 1 – Draft 2 – Jordan V.

Alrighty so this is my 2nd draft. It’s not way too different than my first draft, however I did try out the effects of splitting a sound to come out of left or right speakers to give it a bit more of a spooky atmosphere considering that it is now Halloween time and it is important to be spooky. I hope you guys enjoy <3

Project 1 (First Draft) – J.Vernon

While my piece is far from being done, what is shown here is the general idea of my first project. When gathering sounds from the soundwalk and putting them in Logic, I found that if I cut certain pieces of my sounds and looped them together that it created an almost organic heartbeat sounds. Using this, I am basing my idea of someone who is in a coma, hearing their heartbeat and the world around them, but yet not being able to interact. Through the piece, it has a feel of sitting and waiting, wanting to interact with the environment, but somehow has a barrier that does not allow the user to do so. I hope after some feedback (and a few more sounds I am thinking of picking up) that I can make this piece be as deep and complex as I think it should be.