Automation Plug-ins Tracks


Here’s my first project. I used sounds collected mostly fromĀ household items. The sounds used were; a washing machine, a small bowl, the hot water heater, a spray can, trash can, a cutting board, a tape measure, and a bass drum. Lot’s of editing was done to the piece, as well as reverse and time change. I used convolution reverb, eq, distortion, and compression on the individual tracks. Quite a bit of pan and volume automation took place as well.

Justin’s Sound Walk

These are the raw sounds I collected around the house.

Trash can (unprocessed)

Spray can (unprocessed)

Heater (unprocessed)

Dryer Click (unprocessed)


Here are the sounds processed. For the bass drum I cut off the attack of the bass drum sound much like Ussachevsky did to the gong in A Piece for Tape Music. The dryer click sound has been cut and looped. The sound of me tapping the heater was reversed. The spray can was slowed down using the classic setting which also lowered the pitch. The trash can sound was sped up and looped. I used only the very basic techniques we talked about with tape music, reverse, slow, fast, and looping. I’m excited to expand these sounds by using more effects soon.

Bass Drum (processed)

Dryer Click (processed)

Heater (processed)

Spray Can (processed)

Trash Can (processed