Elias Ingea – Final Proj – 1

So I am going to be uploading my first and second drafts at the same time. Forgot to upload this last week. So I figure I will just do both. This first draft is very simple set of sounds that I used in the first project, I just wanted to see if I could use the same sounds and make something that is very different and still sound great. I also used a lot of synths which I think makes the song better than the very first song I made. Hope you enjoy.

Festival Blog – Elias Ingea

Aside from having a wonderful time at the EABD, I truly learned a lot. I had never really set up any sort of concert before and I had no idea what any of the cables were called. I was pretty clueless so going from absolutely no knowledge to having to set up an entire concert was pretty amazing. I also got the chance to help Becky tech the concert which was also a great opportunity. I did mess up a little along the way but I did learn a lot and it was a lot of fun doing it. In terms of my piece, I think it went well. Not sure what others thought of it since no one really said much about it to me afterwards. Either way, I think the concert is a great idea and I loved attending/playing my piece!

Thank you Mark!

Elias Ingea – Final 1

Alright so you will notice several changes to this.

  1. I made it shorter.
  2. I raised the volumes on some of the various parts of the song.
  3. Big change was I recorded some new sounds. You will notice there is an irregular heart beat and machine sensors going off towards the end of the song.
  4. On top of the heartbeat I added a scene from Pulp Fiction (My all time favorite movie). The scene is made faster and the voices can be heard altered. Kind of fun to make SLJ’s voice sound like a chipmunk.
  5. You can hear I made the timing of the gunshots exact to the flatline from the monitor.
  6. I added one final sound and it was part of Revolution 9 that I played backwards to sound extra creepy. I replayed the flatline just to make the ending a little cooler.

Hope you guys enjoy these changes.