Software Blog – Duncan

This semester I have been using FL Studio 11 for my projects. I switched back from the 12th edition because they changed a lot in the piano roll and mixer interfaces(in a bad way). I like using this DAW for many reasons: I really like the mixer, piano roll, and playlist interfaces, I like coloring all of the little snippets differently, I like how the snap function on the playlist and piano roll works, I use a LOT of automation clips, I can use plugins that aren’t DAW-specific, etc etc. I wanted to switch to Logic but I don’t own a Mac and I have a hard time composing when I can’t do things quickly/find what I’m looking for. (And my hero BT uses/used FL Studio.)

Festival Blog

I had a really great time at the EABD. Being part of a team (though only for one night) that helped make it possible for composers to share their work, was truly touching. There’s something wonderful about having the chance to share a little bit of responsibility for the setup of such an event. I very much enjoyed playing my synthesizer piece for a large audience, and some people told me they liked it so it was a big confidence boost. I thought that many of the composers I heard Saturday night were incredible and it was humbling to be in their presence. The afterparty was a lot of fun as well and the artists who performed there blew me away.

Thank you so much, Dr. Snyder.

Project_II_Draft_I – Duncan

I started a bunch of drafts but finally decided on continuing with this one. Very unusual feeling I’m going for, and I think it will vary from person to person (for me, it’s similar to angry-crying or some sort of rapture). I used a lot of resonance which is something I’ve never tried before.

I’m thinking about sending this composition to hell (dissonance, more despair), or continuing it “upwards” and speeding up. Suggestions for spatialization would help me out a lot !

Duncan Beavers РTechno Concr̬te

I added a lot of stuff, around 9 more automation clips. I like the list idea so I’ll do the same >: )

  1. 3 tracks of panning automation
  2. added reverb to the main sample pattern
  3. 4 different delay tracks on the mixer, each with an automation clip
  4. muted sounds throughout to add complexity
  5. volume automation from the track beginning
  6. filter cutoff automation