Final Project Draft II – Cole Masaitis

Hey guys!!

The blog was down of Tuesday before I left so I didn’t get a chance to upload this! Here’s my second draft, with a few tweaks mostly on the effects of different parts! I’m kind of wandering my way through this one, but I’m planning extending it soon!

Hope you like it, sounds pretty different already!!

Final Project Draft I – Cole Masaitis

Hey guys!! Just finished a really rough beginning to the last project, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but it kind of it all kind of happened on a whim, and I’m trying to see where it goes! I haven’t done too much as for altering my collected sounds yet, but here’s my first draft!

Have a great weekend!!

Festival Blog – Cole Masaitis

I had a really great time at the festival!! I made it to the three concerts I helped with, and then I just relaxed during one of them! It was SO cool knowing that I was in the same room with Phillip Schroeder and Mark Phillips, since they’re so closely involved with the class, it was such a surprise to have them there, almost unreal!!

My all time favorite piece from the concerts I was able to attend was Perfume by Paul Leary, hands down. I just loved it so much because of the tonality is utilized, I almost have to put it in a category because it was just so different from the a lot of the pieces.

I had a few more favorites from the festival including;

River Rising by Kirsten Volness, the violinist was just so talented and emotive, and the piece really shined because of it!

Maxwell by Daniel Eichenbaum, because of how minimal and lighthearted it was! It was very soothing, and I definitely had a bit of a tearjerker moment reading his bio and seeing how moved he was about being a father.

Extreme Monkey Reconaissance by Elevator Machine Room, because of in detail they went about their story, and playing it out with both the narrative followed by an atmosphere matching synthesized accompaniment! It was definitely one of the most fun, and quirky pieces of the concert!!

Emergence by Michael James Olson, because it wasn’t too static compared to some of the other works!! It had parts that actually put me to sleep, in a good way due to the composition being so soothing and gorgeous, and then the someone jarring sections in between those parts made for some really interesting transitions which kept me intent on listening!

& Hyperloop by Samuel Wells simply because of his amazing guitar work. The skill required to write that, and the choreographing it must of taken for the guitarist to play it fast enough with the video is insane!

Given the incredible pace the festival has to keep up with to sound check consistently and be ready for every composers piece, I feel like there’s not a whole lot that should have been done differently! It flowed very well given how hectic the schedule is!!

If anything would be done differently, maybe give a little more information on the after hours shows, I was really curious what kind of pieces/ musicians would be performing at them, but the flyer left me wondering. Not knowing what the after hours shows were going to be like kept me from going, but I feel if I had known more about them I would have been more inclined to go!

I got several compliments from Kyong Mee Choi, Timothy Earnest Johnson, and another composer who I can’t quite remember the name of! Regardless, it was all very flattering coming from such accomplished composers!! To think, they liked my piece!

Overall, I really enjoyed this concert and I would definitely like to go again and try to help out more next time!! My one regret is that I didn’t get to attend more of them, and that I missed Mark Snyder’s piece, I heard it was very emotionally captivating!! Maybe next time!

Phantoms of Autumn Draft III – Cole Masaitis

Hi!! I developed on the piece a bit more, with layering tracks, playing with a few more plugins and trying to successfully use a little more silence! I’m not sure how it worked out, but I hope it sounds like it’s coming along! I added a few new parts and synths as well!!

Have a great weekend!

Phantoms of Autumn Draft II – Cole Masaitis

Heyyoo!!! I didn’t extend the song by much, but I added a lot of little parts, with a couple new synths in there! I think I might start from scratch on the panning, because I’m not totally content with it, I kind of just made a few parts for the sake of panning, and I want to do more than that!

Anyways, I hope it’s evolving into a decent piece!! I’m all about constructive criticism, so let me know what you think!

Cole Masaitis – Project II Draft I

Hey guys!! So after scrapping two other pieces that sounded nothing like this one, I finally made something I like! It’s only the beginnings of the piece, but I made a few synths that I really liked/ thought were very weird (in a good way), and you can hear them altogether in this little draft.

It’s not much, but I hope you like it!! Have a great fall break!

Cole Masaitis – Software Choice


For my second project I have decided to Logic Pro X as my DAW software choice. Having been recently exposed to Logic in general, I’m excited to wander around the program more extensively to arrange my next piece! I’m going to try my best to go overboard with the FM synth, and see how far I can push it, so my apologies in advance!

Good luck everybody!!