Festival Blog

I thought EADB was fantastic, it was a very eye opening experience and I met and reestablished relationships with a lot of composers. From feedback from other composers on my concert, they really liked my synth piece! I agree with Mark that I should have used my Musique Concrete piece instead as it’s a stronger piece but I wanted the chance to have a different piece played at EADB. I experienced a lot of works over the weekend and composers/performers like Dave Watkins, Eric Honour, Mark Philips, Mark Zanter and many others were phenomenal to see again and be able to listen to having heard their pieces before and being able to appreciate them more.

Project II Draft I | Drake


This is supposed to sound like the world is ending. PLEASE IF YOU ARE WEARING HEADPHONES TURN IT DOWN NEAR THE END IT GETS SUPER LOUD! I know that some of the synths come in way too suddenly and the fade on my Thunder sound is weird but otherwise I like what I have so far. Every synth is either out of an Fm chord or an Fdim chord.