Project II Draft I | Drake


This is supposed to sound like the world is ending. PLEASE IF YOU ARE WEARING HEADPHONES TURN IT DOWN NEAR THE END IT GETS SUPER LOUD! I know that some of the synths come in way too suddenly and the fade on my Thunder sound is weird but otherwise I like what I have so far. Every synth is either out of an Fm chord or an Fdim chord.

3 thoughts on “Project II Draft I | Drake

  1. This definitly sounds like it would b good in a movie. I keep thinkinh the Will Smith movie being the last man on earth. IT makes me feel like you’re looking for something and so much unkown is everywhere

  2. I love the light intro. I also like that some of your sounds just come in kind of loudly, it adds to the sort of dissonant uncertainty.

    It sounds like the world has already ended and you’re watching the debris and aftermath aimlessly float through space. Good stuff!

  3. The gradual increase in sonic density and dissonance as the track progresses is very cool. Some of the tones approach a siren-like quality, and it really does sound like Armageddon in music form.

    From your volume warning, I was expecting the piece to end on a dynamic swell instead of a fade, and I think that might be an effect worth experimenting with.

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