Project_II_Draft_I – Duncan

I started a bunch of drafts but finally decided on continuing with this one. Very unusual feeling I’m going for, and I think it will vary from person to person (for me, it’s similar to angry-crying or some sort of rapture). I used a lot of resonance which is something I’ve never tried before.

I’m thinking about sending this composition to hell (dissonance, more despair), or continuing it “upwards” and speeding up. Suggestions for spatialization would help me out a lot !

3 thoughts on “Project_II_Draft_I – Duncan

  1. Bag pipe and beaming light’s, is good. sucking me into a world of wonder You say it’s supposed to be sad but maybe the sadness is the end of the journey. Very glassy I like it.

  2. I agree with James. I love the synths you’re using too. Though it sounds like a setup right now, perhaps like the full experience hasn’t been added yet. It’d be cool to hear it pick up and include a light, airy melody.

  3. The high pitched drones start out sounding like bagpipes, but with the introduction of other sounds become reminiscent of beams of light. The growl that enters the piece a short way in feels right, but a little loud. I imagine I’m on a space station in another realm, gazing at a nebula.

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