Synth Draft I | James

This sounds like I’m pretending/attempting to write a guitar solo with a synth. I really enjoy shiny atmospheric sounds, but I might be getting carried away. I don’t know if I’ll keep the melody bit, but I definitely like the twiddling I’ve done to make the intro and the pulsing chord progression. I think I might let the piece fall into a less rhythmic section following this, and add more dissonance.

2 thoughts on “Synth Draft I | James

  1. It got loud all of sudden. But very old school video game. I feel like I’m a square person looking at the horizon very good

  2. Cool! Great chords changes, one of which was an especially pleasant surprise. Sounds kind of patriotic and dreamy. Your “guitar solo” synth is just a little harsh to me, maybe smooth it out a little. Great idea so far!

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