Michaela’s final draft

I used a combination of different synths for my piece. I wanted to capture the nerves I get when I perform. I used an organ sound throughout with some deep bass heart beat sounds. I also used some high pitch beeps to mimmic a heart monitor to sound as if my heart is going to give out from anxiety. My favorite thing about this is I found the fade tool in logic. Finally. Hope you enjoy it.

Software Blog – Duncan

This semester I have been using FL Studio 11 for my projects. I switched back from the 12th edition because they changed a lot in the piano roll and mixer interfaces(in a bad way). I like using this DAW for many reasons: I really like the mixer, piano roll, and playlist interfaces, I like coloring all of the little snippets differently, I like how the snap function on the playlist and piano roll works, I use a LOT of automation clips, I can use plugins that aren’t DAW-specific, etc etc. I wanted to switch to Logic but I don’t own a Mac and I have a hard time composing when I can’t do things quickly/find what I’m looking for. (And my hero BT uses/used FL Studio.)

Twisted Christmas Final Draft

I wanted this to sound kind of like the Disney light shows. But nothing on Christmas never goes quite right.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to join you all tonight. All of your pieces sound great!

the song ends at 2:50, but when I bounced it, a minute of silence was added to the end, that wasn’t supposed to be there.