Project III Draft I | James Murphy

A friend of mine told me about a form of art called “databending”, where you take a piece of digital data (like a photo) and reinterpret its bytes as something else (like audio). In parts of this piece, I’ve loaded a picture (as well as a .exe and a .pdf) into Audacity and used the resultant sound to create beeps and hums.

I’m also using some old musical experiments which I made in Audacity with a tone generator, and some guitar work. There are even a few pieces of my soundwalk present.

I expect I’ll be throwing some of these features away and changing plenty more, but I wanted all my ideas in one file to start with.

Barndance Remarks

I had a pleasant time at the barndance. I didn’t realize my piece was going to go first until I picked up a program, but I think it’s cool that I got to set the tone (and also not have to live up to expectations set by any preceding pieces). I received little feedback of any kind on my work, possibly because I scared off anyone with a pocket full of business cards with my bio stating I’m a computer science major.

I enjoyed Michael James Olson’s “Along the North Shore” immensely, both for its sonic properties and its title — it and my piece (“To a Distant Star”) each had titles of the form “{Preposition} {article} {Adjective} {Noun}”.

Moreso than performing my work, I appreciated the opportunity to work the venue at its mechanical level. Setting up Pollard’s concert hall and taking down the Digital Auditorium’s equipment was a more social experience than I’d anticipated.