Project 1 – Draft 2 – Jordan V.

Alrighty so this is my 2nd draft. It’s not way too different than my first draft, however I did try out the effects of splitting a sound to come out of left or right speakers to give it a bit more of a spooky atmosphere considering that it is now Halloween time and it is important to be spooky. I hope you guys enjoy <3

Elias Ingea – Draft #2

I didn’t change much from the first draft except I added some new effects to one of my drum sounds. You might notice it sounds a lot more sci-fi like.

I added a few echo and distortion to some of the sounds making them pop out more. I also played a lot with the spacing of every track. I wanted it to sound like its coming from all directions at once in a tripy, kind of annoying but cool fashion.

Hope you enjoy…