Synth Draft II | James

Per Levi’s suggestion, I softened the ‘not a guitar’ synth. I added a middle section which isn’t rhythmically aligned to anything but has some narrative properties, I think. I experimented a bit with the vocoder synth and I’m rather satisfied with the result. Here’s the track in its current state:


Project II Draft I | Drake


This is supposed to sound like the world is ending. PLEASE IF YOU ARE WEARING HEADPHONES TURN IT DOWN NEAR THE END IT GETS SUPER LOUD! I know that some of the synths come in way too suddenly and the fade on my Thunder sound is weird but otherwise I like what I have so far. Every synth is either out of an Fm chord or an Fdim chord.

Project_II_Draft_I – Duncan

I started a bunch of drafts but finally decided on continuing with this one. Very unusual feeling I’m going for, and I think it will vary from person to person (for me, it’s similar to angry-crying or some sort of rapture). I used a lot of resonance which is something I’ve never tried before.

I’m thinking about sending this composition to hell (dissonance, more despair), or continuing it “upwards” and speeding up. Suggestions for spatialization would help me out a lot !